The Seattle Jewish Community Endowment Fund

Create a lasting personal legacy ~ Contribute to building a vibrant Jewish future

The Seattle Jewish Community Endowment Fund is your partner in giving voice to your highest values and priorities while also achieving important financial goals. We support you and your family in fulfilling your passions and long-term charitable Jewish objectives. We help ensure that your money is invested wisely, in the markets and through your philanthropic impact.

Created to help the entire Jewish community through strategic long-term philanthropic planning, the Endowment Fund meets emergency needs, funds innovative projects and provides ongoing support to organizations and programs around the world. We have $40 million under management and offer Donor Advised Funds, Supporting Foundations, targeted specialty impact funds, and other legacy planning vehicles.

If you are an existing fundholder, please login on the left.

If you are interested in opening a fund, please contact Sierra Lawe at the Jewish Community’s Legacy Planning Information Center at (206) 774-2252 or sierral@jewishinseattle.org. We are also happy to work with your tax and financial advisors.

We invite you to learn more about the array of gift planning opportunities available.

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